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Hell Hathe No Fury Like A Mother Protecting her Child....

Why are you testing me?
Does it bring you great Joy to watch me work so hard to over come all these obstacles.

I am a True Warrior (Nona Karabi) I do not know how to give up. But I do get tired.

My feet are raw to the bone from this journey you have me on,My legs are tired and unable to bear the heavy weight you make carry.

I know that on the end of this self discovery lies my hearts deepest desire.

But why must you test every fiber of my being along the way.

Will the inevitable dream ever become a reality or is this too a mirage. a dire glimpse of water to quench my thirst and longing.

I will be steadfast and devout on my journey crawling on my knees at times to reach you.

The only thing I know is that just the very thought of you is what has kept me holding on all these years, I'm coming Baby hell or high water nothing will ever keep me from you.....
Ti Quiero Mucho.

Sink or Swim

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